Growing up exploring the city of New Orleans with my three siblings was a magical experience which still haunts my creative soul. My time was spent exploring neighborhoods and old cemeteries as well as outlying farms and swamplands. I spent more time exploring than I ever did creating; however, during my high school career I fell in love with the creative process. After high school, I moved my explorations to Texas, and I decided to become an art teacher so that I might help others to find their creative spirit as well. In 1995, I received BFA in Art from The University of Texas at Arlington and started my career as a teaching artist. Along the way, I fell in love. My husband and I have four children. My family is my motivation and my inspiration.


Artist’s Statement

I live and work in Aledo, Texas.  It is my mission is to create personalized, meaningful artwork with the intent to encourage people to reflect on what is most important to them in life. Through oil paint, fused glass, and a variety of other media, I develop symbols of love, life, and hope. Creating these eternal works of art allows me to emulate the love people have in their hearts. I want those who view my artwork to be hopeful for our future.  


Living in a world which becomes increasingly complex, I yearn for simplicity in life. You can see this in my designs. They are bold yet simple with a very limited color palette often solely in black and white.


Throughout my career, I have regularly exhibited my work and accepted commissions. My studio work typically depicts sentimental objects related to my family and my beliefs; whereas, my commissions range from sports related themes to symbolic florals.


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 


  •  Named a Jack Harvey Excellence in Education Fellow 2018

  • Aledo ISD IDEA winner for innovative teaching 2018

  • Granted $900 for “Transcending Boundaries” focusing on global communication 2018

  • Aledo ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year  2017

  • Granted $6,000 for “The Modality Project” focusing on design and visual literacy 2017

  • Morphi Educator 2016-present

  • International Entrepreneurship Institute Fellow awarded 2016

  • Aledo ISD Marva Collins Nominee 2016

  • Aledo ISD IDEA Award Nominee 2016

  • Granted $375 for “Spring Artist’s Showcase” focusing of entrepreneurship in

  • Education 2016

  • Granted $25,000 for a “STEAM Studio” focusing on innovation and integrated learning 2015

  • Daniel Ninth Grade Campus TAKY Flamingo award 2014 & 2015

  • Aledo ISD IDEA 2015 Nomination

  • Humanities Texas, Outstanding Teaching of the Humanities Award nominee 2012

  • Lake Worth ISD teacher of the Month 2010, 2011, 2012

  • Teacher of the Year Brewer High School 2001